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Remembering Rich: Sing Your Praise

From the Rising of the Sun, to the place where it sets.The name of the Lord is to be praisedThe Lord is exalted over all the nations His Glory above the HeavensWho is like the Lord, our God The One who sits enthroned on HighHe who stoops to look down upon, down upon...

Remembering Rich: A Few Good Men

We are increasingly becoming a fatherless society. God wants us to call Him “father”, we need to restore fatherhood to our world so that people are properly prepared and pointed to God. 

Remembering Rich: Verge of a Miracle

Verge of a Miracle is probably my favorite song by Rich. The music, the words, the hope.

Remembering Rich: “Let’s Get This Over WIth”

No, I’m not ready to throw in the towel after one post, and no I’m not dreading this posting, but if I’m going to blog about Rich Mullins music, Awesome God has to be in the mix, so let’s get it over with. Read on to find out why I say it that way…