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It’s BBQ Season, Great Deal @ AmazingRibs.com


April 20, 2016


Summer is around the corner! The days are getting longer, the weather’s getting warmer, and the rain is leaving the Pacific Northwest for longer stretches of time.   And 2 weeks ago, Home Depot had the first great charcoal deal of the year (37 pounds for $9.99 if you missed it, it’ll be back in late May, should see similar pricing at Lowes and Walmart too)  That means the BBQ season has started.  Over the past several years, my go-to resource for all things Que has been AmazingRibs.com.  Meathead and his team don’t just give you recipes, they don’t just tell you HOW to BBQ they tell you WHY you should do it that way.   Even if you don’t grab the trial deal I’m going to talk about later, I can’t recommend this site enough if you like to cook over fire.  They cover everything, gas, charcoal, wood, pellets, all types of meat,and authentic regional recipies.

A little over a year ago, the site launched a $23.99 per year membership.  For me, once I had the opportunity to sign up I jumped on it, because as far as I was concerned, if I got nothing out of the membership stuff, what I had learned already was well worth the money.  When you join, you gain access to a Members Only forum where you will meet people at every level of BBQ experience from beginners to chefs and even a few from the BBQ Competition world.  You also are entered in the monthly giveaway of prizes ranging from classes with pros to $1000+ equipment.  And one of the best parts, and the thing that sold me on the value of the site on day one of joining, they produce Webinars on BBQ related topics.  THe first one I watched was an hour long scientific discussion on the use of salt.  The ideas and information I got in that one video changed not only how I make my own personal rubs, but also how I cook meat in general, not just on the grill.

Now for the Great Deal I mentioned in the title.  Right now, you can get a free 90 day trial of the Pitmaster Club.  Just go to http://amazingribs.com/pitmaster_club/index.html there you can read more about the club, and sign up.  When you sign up, use the coupon code MemberSentMe and you’ll get the first 90 days free of charge.   Make sure you check out the Salt and the Smoke webinars, they are full of great information, some of which goes against conventional wisdom, but they go into detail of WHY they are going against it.

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