Remembering Rich: Verge of a Miracle

March 14, 2014

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Verge of a Miracle is probably my favorite song by Rich. The music, the words, the hope.

Verge of a Miracle was the last song written for his second album Pictures in the Sky. The story behind the writing of the song can be found in the video below.

Clung to a ball that was hung in the sky
Hurled into orbit there You are
Whether you fall down or whether you fly
Seems you can never get too far

The words echo the hopelessness that young man who inspired the song felt, the hopelessness we all feel from time to time. We’re just here, biding our time, waiting for the end. In a never ending cycle of drudgery and mediocrity. As Solomon lamented in Ecclesiastes “Everything is meaningless”

Then comes the hope,

Someone’s waiting to put wings, upon your flightless heart
You’re on the verge of a miracle, standing there, oh
On the verge of a miracle, waiting to be believed in
Open your eyes and see… You’re on the verge of a miracle.

God not only loves us, He likes us and He believes in us. Even when all seems lost and hopeless, we’re always standing on the verge of a miracle

When you’ve played out your last chance And your directions have all been lost
When the roads that you look down are all dead ends
Look up, you can see it if you just look up

If you feel like you’re at the end of your rope, then let go of the rope and grab hold of Jesus.