Remembering Rich: A Few Good Men

March 19, 2014

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We are increasingly becoming a fatherless society. God wants us to call Him “father”, we need to restore fatherhood to our world so that people are properly prepared and pointed to God.

Look around. It’s hard to argue that western society is in a state of crisis. The world we once knew is dying, if not dead. Our kids are struggling.  They lack direction, they lack hope. The western Church is in a similar state of disarray. We don’t know right from wrong anymore, rather than being looked to in crisis, we’re being shunned and pushed out. Where did this problem come from? And more importantly, how can we right both ships? The answer lies in the old army slogan, our world is looking for “A Few Good Men”.

It should come as no surprise that the world and the Church both are falling apart. In our families and in our Churches, men have fallen away. Most of the troubled youth in our correctional facilities have no present father. A large portion of youth who have attempted suicide either have no father, or an emotionally absent or even abusive one. We were designed, emotionally, to draw strength, comfort, courage and love from a Father. The Father/Child relationship is one of vital importance, it is one ingrained in our inner most being. Unfortunately, for a myriad of reasons, by and large our earthly fathers have failed us. It’s been a gradual slide for the past 40+ years, and the rolling stone is gathering momentum.

Sadly, the cure for fatherlessness is growing lost as well, perhaps due in part to the loss of fathers in the home, we’re loosing our spiritual fathers in the Church. God desires us all to have relationship with our fathers, but when that’s not possible, it is His desire to have men of faith and trust in him to stand in the gap for those fatherless people, and through that connection, create the connection with Himself as ultimate father. The problem is the number of men in the Church today is dwindling, and the men who show up in the pews by-in-large stay in the pews. They don’t get in the trenches. This is where we must begin if we’re going to alter the course of our culture’s destiny.

We need is a few good men, brave and strong,

Show me someone who makes a difference
Show me someone who’s brave when he needs to be
I just need to see
Someone who cares enough that he would risk his life
For the love of what he’s come to believe

Satan is doing his best to see that men like that have a hard time in this world. Men to dare to lead their families with reserved strength. Men that will stand up for truth and justice.  The world looks at men like that and says “You are irrelevant, men like you don’t belong, in a world like this”.  The truth is, with out men like that, this world is falling apart, and we need them to stand up again. All it will take is a few good men to stand up and dare to become a father to the fatherless. Root yourself in The Father, so that you can draw the fatherless to Him.


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