The War on Christmas?

November 10, 2015

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Yes, there is a War on Christmas, but it has nothing to do with coffee cups, manger scenes, holiday greetings or what we call the tree in Washington DC. The war is not new, and the enemy isn’t our neighbor, Starbucks or even the ACLU. For that matter, the public battles are mere skirmishes that in all honesty matter little in the grand scheme of the battle.

The War on Christmas isn’t new. It’s been raging on since before Christ was even born. Revelation 13 is, to me, pretty clearly the spiritual side of the Christmas story. The unseen battle just to get TO the manger. Yes, the trip to Bethlehem was necessary for the fulfillment of prophesy, but that doesn’t mean that Satan didn’t orchestrate the census to try and take out Jesus before he was even born. Even in modern times, a long hard journey like that would be dangerous in late pregnancy. Once Christ was born, Satan manipulated Herod in to the slaughter of the innocents, that too was part of the “War on Christmas”.

So, this war has been raging for centuries. But what we call the trees, what we call the concerts, parties etc. How we greet people, and what on our cups are not even part of the battle. We’re operating under the false assumption that many Christian leaders have pushed for years, that this is a “Christian Nation”. Yes, Christianity has … enjoyed, for lack of a better word, a period of social acceptance in this country for most of it’s existence. But that doesn’t make this a “Christian Nation”. In fact, I question if that acceptance is even a good thing, because Jesus told us we’d have trouble, tribulation, persecution and insults from the world, not open arms. Why have we taken this “acceptance” as a good thing. We now are beginning to see the fruits of that acceptance. Christians are so concerned about that acceptance that we care more about being accepted by the world than God’s standards. We’ve gotten so used to being accepted, when things change, we view it as an attack. The biggest battle in this war on Christ and Christmas was waged under the guise of acceptance.

Culture is turning on us, it was slow at first, and it’s picking up steam. But this shouldn’t surprise us, it shouldn’t dismay us.

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

John 16:33

Why do we get so up in arms when the world does exactly what Christ said it would do?  Our response should be “Take Heart”, in other words “Cheer up”.  Things are as they are going to be until Christ’s return.

This is not a Christian Nation, I don’t care what Franklin Graham, or any other person says, it is a secular nation.  You need look no further than the laws recently passed to see that.  Starbucks, the grocery store, the city hall, it’s not their jobs to celebrate Jesus, it’s ours.  Get over the whole “War on Christmas” that’s been there since the beginning, and start   focusing on the battle that matters, loving our neighbors and being the light of Jesus to the world.  It’s kind of hard to do that when we’re flying off the handle at a non-Christian organization about taking snowmen off of a coffee cup, or whining about the ACLU shutting down the nativity scene at City Hall.



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