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Remembering Rich: A Few Good Men

Remembering Rich: A Few Good Men

We are increasingly becoming a fatherless society. God wants us to call Him “father”, we need to restore fatherhood to our world so that people are properly prepared and pointed to God. Look around. It’s hard to argue that western society is in a state of...
Remembering Rich: A Few Good Men

Remembering Rich: Verge of a Miracle

Verge of a Miracle is probably my favorite song by Rich. The music, the words, the hope. Verge of a Miracle was the last song written for his second album Pictures in the Sky. The story behind the writing of the song can be found in the video below. Clung to a ball...

40 Days with Rich – Where I’m going

I’m calling this series of postings “40 days with Rich” because my goal is to have 40 posts in the series, It could be more, it could be less. It will not be a daily series, maybe once or twice a week. And there may be other topics that I post on in...